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  Spring Valley Campground Map


All rules & policies subject to change without notice.

Rules for both Guests and Seasonal Campers at SVC:

1. Be kind. We are all about peace, love and happiness at Spring Valley Campground.

Rude/negative attitudes are not tolerated here.

2. Love this place, leave no trace. Please do not litter. Clean up after yourself and your company, including pets.

3. Quiet hours: 11PM - 8AM.

4. Well behaved dogs are welcome but must be kept on a leash at all times and under control while on your site and visiting the campground.

5. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Children are not allowed to run through other camper's sites. For safety purposes, please do not allow children to play around the lake unattended. Please do not throw any rocks in pond.

6. Bass & catfish are catch & release immediately. Do not keep these fish on a stringer.

7. Swimming in pond is not allowed. Boats, including kayaks, are also not allowed.

8. Please make sure your children refrain from throwing rocks anywhere on the property.

9. Golf carts must have working lights. Lights are required when riding around the campground from dusk to dawn.

10. No children under the age of 16 or without a valid driver's license are allowed to operate golf carts alone. If the child is driving there must be an adult on the cart at all times. Please always operate golf carts at slow reasonable speeds.

11. Drunken, disorderly, destructive or abusive behavior will not be tolerated. This may result in immediate expulsion & termination of seasonal leases, or permanent banning from property for guests.

12. Campfires are permitted but must be attended at all times.

13. Campsites are to be maintained at all times. Sites must be kept clean and clear of garbage.

14. Anyone damaging campground property will be held liable for damages and evicted from the property.

15. In order to help keep SVC a family friendly environment, all alcoholic beverages leaving your campsite (either on person or on golf cart) are to be in a concealed container, such as a refillable cup, or covered by a koozie. Nothing with an alcoholic label is to be seen off of your campsite in common areas.

16. All vehicles, including golf carts, are to obey the speed limits around the campground.

17. SVC follows the same drinking & driving laws as the state. You are by no means allowed to operate a golf cart or vehicle under the influence (.08% BAC). If this were to occur, SVC will stop you and hold onto your cart and keys until the next business day.

18. Nothing other than wooden items are to be thrown in a burn pile.

19. No guns allowed on property.

Seasonal Camper Rules:

1. Seasonal campers are responsible for maintaining the appearance of their site, such as upkeep of lawn, gravel, etc. If your lawn goes uncut and SVC has to take on the responsibility, there will be a fee of $50 per cut.

2. Firewood must be stacked neatly & elevated/not lying on the ground - This is a state requirement, please respect this rule.

3. Seasonal campsites may only be used by the lease holders and any persons living in their household. If you wish to have visitors, each person must purchase a visitor pass via our website, excluding children 15 & under. There are two types of visiting passes. The visitor day pass is for those who will be leaving the campground prior to 11PM. Any visitor staying past 11PM must purchase an overnight pass. Passes are only good for the date of purchase. Example - a visitor pass purchased on Friday is only valid for that day. If the same person wishes to visit on Saturday, a new pass is required.

4. There are to be no large items left outside of the dumpster for any reason. Absolutely no refrigerators, batteries or appliances of any kind are permitted in our dumpsters. Anyone who ignores this rule is subject to eviction.

5. No construction of any kind without prior approval by management. Example - decks, sheds, etc. No metal barns or structures are permitted. 

6. Only one car & RV is permitted per campsite. Do not park on someone else's lot without their permission. Additional parking is located near the campground store, next to pond, and in section D across the creek. This rule is strictly enforced.

7. Absolutely no parking vehicles or golf carts on grass, anywhere on the property. This rule is strictly enforced.

8. No vehicles are to be stored on your campsite. This also includes keeping a utility trailer, etc. on your site for more than two nights.

9. If using a tarp to cover storage items, only brown/dark green colored tarps are permitted. If a tarp is old and damaged please replace it. Use of tarp material sheds are prohibited.

10. Items such as easy ups and dog kennels are only permitted on your lot when in use and are not to be kept as a permanent fixture on your site.

11. We do not permit any gas powered, motorized recreational equipment such as dirt bikes, ATV's, scooters, etc. Gas powered golf carts are permitted but not all terrain gas carts - such as side by sides.

12. Broken down carts are not to be kept on site.

13. No yard signs please. No signage that is political or promotional allowed.

Pool Rules:

1. Pool hours are 9AM - 9PM Tuesday-Sunday. Pool is closed on Mondays.

2. There is no lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk. All children under 16 should be accompanied by an adult.

3. Absolutely no running or horse play around the pool. If this rule is violated you may be banned from using the pool.

4. Everyone is required to wear a swim suit. Babies must be in appropriate swim wear/swim diapers. No jean cut offs, t-shirts, etc.

5. No food or beverages other than drinking water are allowed in pool area.

6. Absolutely no smoking allowed in pool area.

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